2019, Here We Come!

I am going to use this excuse once this year, and only once, hopefully. I’ve been busy and that’s why I haven’t been able to post as much content and create as many recipes as originally planned.

Charleston, SC 2018

I hate when I have to say those words, “I’ve been too busy”. It sounds like an awful excuse that no one cares for because everyone is always busy. I love my blog and cooking, and I love writing, but I also love sleeping. Towards the middle of 2018 my full time job and personal life got so busy that my blog had to take a seat on the way, way back burner.


I’m back, hopefully! I wanted to share with you how life has grown and what I have learned about juggling life, work, happiness, a fiance, planning a wedding, and running a blog. Basically, I can’t do it all and it’s ok to have back burners, that’s why they’re there. My Fiance told/asked me the other day when I was frustrated with a recipe post, “If you don’t like doing it anymore, than what’s the point?” My immediate response to him was that it’s not that I don’t like doing it, it’s that I don’t have enough time to feel like I am doing it correctly or efficiently. If someone out in the world is going to read my recipe and actually make it, I want it to be perfect! I can’t lead them down a trail full of empty promises and unappealing food. I love food too much to ever do that to someone! My whole purpose of this blog was the hope that people like myself who are busy but love to cook, can use my blog as a tool for recipes that will make them and their families happy. Nothing makes me smile more than a family dinner or friends gathering around a table over a warm meal. It is the best feeling in the world.

2018 was the fastest year of my life. At work I was promoted to General Manager which was a way larger task than I had anticipated, but also unbelievably satisfying and rewarding. Because I run a very large, 2-story Irish Pub in downtown Raleigh, NC, I was able to help plan and produce one of the largest St. Patrick’s Day Festivals in the state, and actually pulled off a 24 hour work day for the first time in my life! Yes, 6am-6am. WHAT?! It was insane and awesome and definitely one of the coolest projects I’ve ever been a part of.

” I Said Yes!”

Personal life; Mitch and I moved into a city apartment, and then we got engaged after 6 years of dating and living together!! It was just as beautiful and perfect as I could have ever hoped or imagined. He popped the question in Charleston, SC on 10/14/18 right by the water on Oyster Point (White Point Garden), while waves were crashing on shore, and the sun was setting over the bridge behind the Fort Sumter House. Surreal.

Soon to be, “The Shepherds”!

Now, here we are 26 days into January of 2019 and I’m finally able to sit down and write about life and what has been going on. It’s always such a nice release to recap what has happened. So many of us go through life so fast with no time at all to look back and grasp what he have actually accomplished, and this moment is feeling pretty spectacular right now. I feel Humble. I am looking forward to more recipes and more posts this year, and yes, advanced apologies as some of the posts will be wedding related! 🙂 Happy 2019 Y’all! (Yep, I say Y’all now and I’m ok with that!)

Sunflower Fields in Raleigh, NC Summer 2018

Easter Easter Bo Beaster, Banana Fana Fo Feaster

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Easter Is Here! 

Easter brings up nostalgia for me. Church with my Mom, Grandma, and Grandpa, Easter eggs hunts with my Dad at the park or in the house, candy for days, big huge dinners, and all these cute little bunnies everywhere I looked! One of my favorite photos from childhood is one where I’m standing on the front porch of my Grandparents house, hugging this gigantic, blue, blow-up bunny who’s chomping on a carrot, dressed in this adorable little blue dress, white those white ruffle socks we all used to wear! (I wish I knew where the photo was because obviously, I would share it, but I don’t, unfortunately.)

This year for Easter is a little different because Mitch and I are moving!! So excited!!! But, that also means all my pots, pans, and spices are packed in a box, and our refrigerator is dwindling down to nothing. For anyone else out there who cooks all the time, I hope you feel my anxiety with this issue. Not having all my kitchen supplies is making me a crazy person! 

Instead of sharing an entire menu and recipes with you for Easter Dinner like I normally would, I have picked out my favorite recipe from last years Easter, and decided to post it for you guys. For me, Easter is not complete without Deviled Eggs! Last year I had this idea to dye the actual hard white egg instead of the shell, and it turned out so awesome that I couldn’t imagine not sharing it with you guys! To go along with the Deviled Eggs post, I have included some photos and videos from last years dinner 🙂

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Color Your Own, Deviled Eggs  

These are going to be the easiest eggs you’ve ever made, and the most fun! 

  • Boil 8 Eggs (at least 10 minutes)
  • Cool on stove for 15 minutes, then strain water out, run the eggs under cold water for a couple of minutes, then chill them in the fridge for 1 hour or 1 day
  • Using 4 clear and short glasses, place a couple drops of food coloring in each one, then add water. Don’t forget to leave room in the glass for when you drop the egg in there
  • For pastel colors, you can mix and match the colors, and use the back of a food coloring box for more options

*Note*  The longer you keep the egg in the food coloring water, the darker the egg will be. If you want light pastel colors, don’t keep the eggs in there very long, and keep a close eye because they can change colors pretty fast!

*Note*  When making my eggs, I referred to this website and this recipe 🙂 Pastel Egg Food Coloring Options

  • Once they’ve cooled, peel off all the shells and discard
  •  Slice the eggs in half, and place the yolks into a medium sized mixing bowl
  • Place all the white halves onto a cutting board
  • Make the filling first then place in the fridge while you’re dying the eggs
  • Into the medium bowl with the yolks, mix in the following:

– 1/2 Cup Lite Mayo

– Dash of Salt and Pepper (to taste)

– 1 T Dijon Mustard

– 1 t each: Ground Mustard, Parsley Flakes, Smoked Paprika, & Northwoods Seasoning

– 2 T Minced Cornichons (or pickle relish)

  • Mix well, taste and adjust seasonings to your liking, then refrigerate 
  • Dye each half of the eggs carefully, and set on a paper towel lined plate when finished 
  • Once all eggs are colored, remove the filling mixture from the fridge and put a heaping spoonful into the center of each empty egg
  • Place them onto a serving dish or Deviled Egg plate, sprinkle with Paprika, and enjoy!! 

Easter Dinner Menu Ideas

Main Entree:

Roasted Lamb rack in Vino & Veggies, w/ Yogurt Mint Sauce  


Sauteed Green Beans w/ Fresh Garlic and Thyme

Seasoned Red Potatoes w/ Roasted Carrots, Baby Bell Peppers, and Onions

Mixed Greens Salad

Dinner Rolls & Cinnamon Butter

Last year was my first attempt at making a Lamb Rack, and the few pieces of advice I would give to you are; temp it properly and check on it frequently, give it some time as the outside pieces will cook faster than the inside pieces, spoon wine mixture over the lamb a few times throughout the cooking process, and don’t be intimidated!

Sides are my favorite part of any family meal! Usually sides become staples and items that family members remember the most and crave often! Sometimes the most simple of recipes, can be the fondest ones. I had to work last Easter and didn’t get home until 5pm. I threw together some green beans and these potatoes, and they ended up being the recipes that I use very frequently now! My favorite lesson in the kitchen is to go with what you feel and know, and use the ingredients you already have on hand. Swapping one ingredient for another is one of my favorite ways to get creative in the kitchen 🙂 

Green Beans w/ Garlic and Thyme, and Potatoes w/ Carrots, Peppers, and Onions 

Next time I make a post, it will be from my new kitchen, in our new apartment! I’m so excited to share our journey with you guys, and keep your eyes out for a new post! Happy Easter, everyone!! 

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Since we’re moving and I cannot cook Easter Dinner, I’m looking forward to seeing those #ColdBeerMeatSweats tags! No matter what you guys make, share and tag it 🙂 

I love food, family, and seeing how you guys spend your Holidays! Happy Egg Hunting! 

Taken on Easter last year, 2017