I’m absolutely in love with the Produce Box , and here’s why; Chocolate Swirl Bread & Star Fruit. Ok, that’s not the only reason I’m in love with them but, it’s definitely a huge factor! These yummy ingredients make for the perfect, easy, 20 minute breakfast! 


Step By Step Instructions:

Chocolate Swirl French Toast 

1. Preheat a flat top grill to 375 

2. Carefully slice your loaf of bread, making your cuts as even as possible, and not too thick or too thin. Take a couple of paper towels and place them on top of a kitchen plate

3. When the grill is hot, add the bacon slices. Don’t crowd the grill, and cook in batches if you have to. Once the bacon is crispy, remove from pan and place on the paper towel plate

4. While your bacon is cooking, whisk your eggs in a large bowl, then add in the vanilla extract, milk, & ground cinnamon

5. After all the bacon is done cooking, carefully drain some of the bacon grease into your grease jar, and leave some on the pan for the french toast 

6. What you’re going to do is dip 1 piece of bread into the egg mixture, then add it to the grill pan 1 by 1. Again, we don’t want to crowd the pan so do this step in batches as well. Have a platter set aside for when each piece of toast is finished

7. While the toast is cooking, slice the start fruit and get out the syrup and butter  

8. Once all the slices have been grilled, you’re ready to eat!



Serve the toast with bacon and star fruit, and cover your toast with butter and syrup 🙂 

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