Step By Step Instructions:

Basil and Tomato Pizza Sauce

There is this little shop in Cary, North Carolina called Whisk, where they sell every kitchen utensil you can think of, and more! Special spices, pans, knives, they’ve got it all! In the back of the shop they host cooking classes, and this pizza sauce recipe is inspired from one of the classes I attended. Their recipe requires no cooking of the sauce, which was fantastic, however, I absolutely love when there is a pot of homemade sauce on the stove, it just makes me so happy and it feels incredibly homey. 

For this particular Pizza Sauce Recipe, I think it tastes better when left on the stove simmering for about an hour. If you’re in a time crunch, fear not! This sauce will definitely be tasty and wonderful if you only have 20 or 30 minutes. The sauce can be made ahead time and refrigerated. It can also be stored in the freezer for up to 1 month. 

Prepping the Ingredients: 

1. Measure out all of your ingredients.

2. Grab a sauce pot and put it on the stove over medium heat. 

3. Drizzle a little EVOO into the pot. 

4. Add the tomatoes to the pot and stir, adding in some salt and pepper. Toss in the chopped basil and stir. 

5. If you’re in a time crunch; add a little sugar to the pot and stir, then put the sauce on high for a small boil, bring back to low and simmer for 10 – 15 minutes. 

6. If not in a hurry; sprinkle some sugar in there, stir, and put on high for a few minutes, then simmer for 45 min to an hour. 

7. Season to your liking, remove from burner and cool completely, then add to your pizza crust! 

*Remember: Making your pizza too saucy could result in a soggy crust, and make it to heavy for the dough to cook properly.     #SauceWithCaution 


I love seeing your creations in the kitchen! Make sure to tag #ColdBeerMeatSweats after making this scrumptious Basil and Tomato Pizza Sauce 🙂


To make the Pizza in my photos:

  • Make some of my favorite pizza dough! Link here –> Best Pizza Dough Ever!!! (Or, time crunch, buy some store bought already made!) 
  • Place the dough into a deep-ish Cast Iron Skillet, or onto a Pizza Stone
  • Cook up some of your fav ground sausage and chopped fennel. (Fresh sliced and cooked fennel is seriously amazing, trust me! Broaden those horizons as my Dad always says, and buy it the next time you’re at the supermarket!) 
  • My favorite sausage to use, and go to, is always from First Hand Foods
  • Chop some of your favorite tomatoes and gather some roasted bell pepper slices
  • Use this tomato sauce 🙂 
  • Top with big huge slices of mozzarella cheese
  • Sprinkle with parmesan, red pepper flakes, herbs, & any spices you desire
  • Bake in a cast iron skillet (or on a pizza stone), in a 400 degree oven until crispy; cool, slice, & enjoy!


Basil Tomato Pizza Sauce: 

  • 1, 32 oz Can Whole or Diced Tomatoes
  • 3/4 Cup Fresh Chopped Basil
  • Salt, To Taste
  • Fresh Ground Pepper, To Taste
  • EVOO Small Drizzle
  • Sugar, Small Sprinkle (Optional)
  • Balsamic Vinegar of Modena (Or any brand you have on hand), 2-3 T

Remember: I love seeing your creations in the kitchen! Make sure to tag #ColdBeerMeatSweats after making this scrumptious Basil and Tomato Pizza Sauce 🙂